Bridge4PS Technical Profile for Partner SAML IDPs, v1.0

Profile of baseline technical requirements for SAML Identity Providers (IDPs) that seek to interoperate with the Bridge4PS system and offer Bridge4PS access to their local users.
Publication Date 2022-08-02
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Niki Papazoglakis No telephone 1801 Kingwood Dr Ste 230 Kingwood, TX 77339
Keywords Mobility4PS, Bridge4PS, SAML
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 TIP  NIEF SAML IDP Profile, v1.0
Description Profile of minimum protocol-level interoperability, attribute, and security requirements for NIEF SAML Identity Providers.
ID TIP_ref1

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Bridge4PS Bridge4PS is an exclusive public safety communications platform that provides messaging and collaboration features tailored to the unique requirements of first responders. Bridge4PS offers free and secure cloud-based capabilities to bridge a variety of public safety communications:
Mobility4PS Mobility 4 Public Safety (M4PS) is a Houston-based mobility consulting firm specializing in the deployment of interoperable public safety collaboration technology. At the heart of the M4PS portfolio is the Bridge 4 Public Safety (Bridge4PS) app. Bridge4PS is a secure, nationwide, multi-platform collaboration platform designed specifically for public safety and support personnel to communicate in real-time across teams, departments, and jurisdictions.
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